When you buy a brand new Linux web hosting, it's created on a server and the overall process typically takes some time, including the validation and processing of your payment, which many companies make personally. When you acquire a dedicated server, for instance, the configuration takes longer since the unit has to be assembled, set up and tried so as to ensure that it'll operate effectively. That's why, many providers have a one-time fee to cover the time and efforts used on your new account. The cost, which sometimes is high, is generally not listed on the main page, and you'll notice it on the checkout or payment page, therefore you will not be aware of it before you've already completed the entire signup process and you can even overlook it if you don't pay attention.

Setup Fee in Web Hosting

If you obtain a web hosting plan from us, you will never need to pay any kind of installation fees. For that matter, we don't have other obscured charges of any sort too. We appreciate every customer and it's our concept that if you acquire any plan from us, you should not have to pay anything more than the fee for the website hosting package. You won't find any kind of concealed charges after or before your purchase, which shows you that we are a reliable and trustworthy provider. The cost of your shared hosting package will be the same all around on our site - the front page, the order and payment pages. As we supply instant account activation, you will not need to wait for hours or days so that you can start creating your site.

Setup Fee in Semi-dedicated Servers

Our semi-dedicated server plans don't have any kind of setup fees, so if you obtain your new account, the total fee for the first month is exactly the same as for the forthcoming renewals. Due to the fact it takes us several min to create and activate your new semi-dedicated account, we believe that it would not be justified to charge you a dime for that. You shall see the exact same amount on our home page, on your payment page as well as on your bank or PayPal statement and you will not ever be required to pay any sort of additional costs. If you have an ordinary shared web hosting account from our company and you want a more powerful alternative, we will even relocate all of your data to the new semi-dedicated account cost-free.

Setup Fee in VPS Servers

When you purchase a VPS server from our company, all you will have to pay is the standard monthly cost for the plan you have picked and that particular charge will be exactly the same each and every month that you use the server. We do not have any sort of obscured or installation charges and we think that building a long-term business relationship that is dependant on trust is more crucial than charging you a few extra dollars with some obscured charge that you don't spot on the home page. We'll set up the virtual server and install its Operating System plus all the needed software applications totally free of cost. When you get the VPS with our Hepsia hosting Control Panel and you already have a shared hosting plan here, we will even relocate your content to your new server free of cost.

Setup Fee in Dedicated Servers

If you order a dedicated server through our company, we'll configure your machine free of charge. The fee that you'll find and pay is identical on our website, on your payment page as well as on your bank statement, and the total amount you'll pay during the registration will be the same as the one you will pay to renew the plan in the future. We'll provide you with a ready-to-use server, which is built and tested, and which comes with all the required software pre-installed - Operating System, web server, MySQL, FTP, and hosting Control Panel when you have picked one throughout the registration, yet all of these duties are carried out free of charge. We will even move all of your content without extra cost when you order the dedicated server with our Hepsia Control Panel and you already have a standard shared hosting package through our company.